Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So, I know we have a lot of ideas, but here we are putting them together. If you have any ideas or a version, please post it here. You can link to a google doc of your presentation if you have a version. (Simply email it to yourself on your gmail account and then select view as a google presentation, you can link to it from there). I know that Melanie and I will collaborate on a final final presentation, but if anyone else wants to feel free to chime in.


  1. Several things:
    Margot: can you email us those pictures for the animation.
    Melanie: Could you email me your latest version of the powerpoint?

  2. Aye, everyone, if you use any pictures/information sites/whatever, post the url so we can get the works cited - I just realized I'm using a lot of pictures so I'm keeping track of them. Don't forget this!

    Meredith, I don't know how to post a new blog... maybe you wanna make one where we can all just post the works cited there?

  3. Yeah, Melanie. I'm working on mine too. I will email it to you soon. We can colaborate over skype in a little while. I'm on making that blog post