Wednesday, September 23, 2009

They move from bottom to top.

I think we might want to use this animation I created at the beginning of the powerpoint. Hopefully the slides will show up ok. Let me know what you think.


  1. Now THAT is sick. Aye I love it.
    What should the title be? I have "tracing blood" because I think blood word trace sounds too bland but what do you all think?

  2. Margot do you have bigger sizes of those pictures? Because they are really small and look so pixelated as the background!

  3. I think this is AMAZING. This will be so cool. Just to make sure I am clear this would be our powerpoint:

    1) This annomation.
    2) Title Slide
    3) Family Slide
    4) Literal Blood
    5) Referencing Duncan's murder
    6) Metaphorical Blood
    7) Character Wordle
    8) Why Shakespeare uses it
    9) Quote Animation
    10) Works Cited

    Does this seem correct?
    Who exactly is presenting what? I'm fairly sure I am doing Duncan's murder, but what is everyone else doing?
    Who can do the works cited?
    If you are doing one of the informational slides, there will be many quotes. You only need to talk about one or two strong ones. Say the quote, who says it, and the context (when they say it; this could be the scene or a description). After this discuss the implications of the word, this was in the implications column of our google doc. Is there anything I am forgetting. Once we have a final final powerpoint, I will send out a mass email with all of the details and the powerpoint. Have a good night!

  4. Also we could include the variations of blood after the character wordle.

  5. Sounds good, Meredith. I know I'm doing the wordles? Not sure what everyone else is doing.

    So I'ma start a list:

    Meredith - Duncan's murder references
    Melanie - Wordles (this includes talking about the characters and why they use the word)

  6. One more thing, we didn't use all of the quotes in the regular thing, so we may want to put them on a separate page after Quote Animation

  7. I okay, Melanie. I also thought Margot is doing the metaphorical meanings of blood.

  8. Yeah I am doing metaphorical blood. And I will bring bigger pics to quickly add tomorrow if I can't get them toyou tonight.


  10. okay Margot, depending on how long we have we may be able to add them and we may not